Friday, October 26, 2018

Hell Armored Bones w/Mace - ID 279

Listed here is npc info for Hell Armored Bones w/Mace showing hit point, damage, defense and other location information from Terraria.
hell armored bones with mace
Description for Hell Armored Bones w/Mace, this monster spawns in the dungeon area of the map once you defeat plantera on hardmode.

NPC Stats
  • Hit Points - 500 Normal / 1000 Expert
  • Damage - 40 Normal / 80 Expert
    • Can cause on fire debuff
  • Defense - 54
  • Knock back resist - 0.2
Loot Drops
  • 10 Silver
  • Bone Feather - very rare
  • Keybrand - very rare
  • Magnet Sphere - very rare
  • Wisp in a Bottle - very rare
For T-Shock servers you can use the following command to spawn Hell Armored Bones, type /spawnmob 279 1
Note the format is /spawnmob id# #  (so you put ID number then another number for how many you want to spawn in one command).

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